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This page is where we store all the nice things people have printed about Kotow. Starting wih our first ever live review in the Western Telegraph for the Pembrokeshire College gig.

1. The Western Telegraph ( Band Showcase February 6th 2002 )
"...The first half was closed by Kotow. A Nu-Metal ( sic ) four piece who were the first band all night to play with Passion, attitude, showmanship and LOUDNESS. Their set began and ended with one of the guitarists letting Bilko's Doberman off the hook and in between, Kotow towed you relentlessy into their perfectly formed world.....The only lyric I understood was ' We got nothing to say '....

2. The Western Telegraph ( supporting Rockit Science Queens Hall Narberth )
With no fanfare, Kotow took the stage. Nonethelsee, they had a devoted following who clearly adored every riff. Kotow gave us sounds for the more cerebral, contemplative punter.The band seamlessly merged the 14 self penned songs of its, at times, melancholy set. And as unassumingly as they arrived, they left the stage in a cloud of smoke.

3. The Western Telegraph ( Band Showcase March 4th 2003 )
" The first band were the accomplished Kotow, who describe themselves as progressive, experimental rock metallers. Sounding tight, they gave us the 'feel the music' moment of the night. Then they flouned off stage as dismissive of their audience as ever. "